Creating  CRMs for growing businesses

CRM options we provide

Certified Salesforce & Hubspot staff


How do we do it?

Clarifying your CRM Business needs & goals 

Create a Customer Journey Map

Identify processes that we can streamline

Discuss opportunities to better delight your customers

Understand your data, reporting and compliance needs

Deciding on the best solution to fit Cost, Time & Key Desired Outcomes

Compare CRM products

Define timeframes and spending level

Establish your Minimal Viable Product requirements (your MVP)

Define your scope that aligns with your timeframes, must have requirements and spending level

Extend your CRM solution if needed 

Support you & capture insights and suggestions

Customise the product further where possible 


Optimise reporting, workflow & customer experience 

Enhance marketing and communication

Integrate with other apps 

Create API's for realtime data transfer


Continue to collaborate to extend the solution  



Deliver your MVP to get you going quickly 

Set up the project 

Work in focused 2 week development cycles


Use Collaborative Reporting Tools to show progress 

Focus on the MVP, so we can go live as soon as possible

Cleanse and Migrate existing data 

Test ...and test again


Prepare User guides and Deliver Onboarding/Training

The benefits of a CRM

Delight your Customers

Provide a seamless and timely experience 

Make doing business with you easy 

Know your customer and build their trust in your company

Standardise processes to keep your brand consistent 

Automate processes and 'Touchpoints' so you never miss an opportunity to delight your customer 

Growing & Aligning your Team

Other Services

Effective Business Planning

& Execution techniques

Growing & Aligning your Team

Focused Product Design

& Development

 Tailored Business Mentoring/Advisory services &Training

Obtaining Grants & Funding


"We found working with Auxilio easy.  They were very focused on understanding our needs before we started the project.  The CRM site that they delivered exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, price and the speed in which it was done. Thanks team."


—  Jose Polo, Commercial Director