Product Design and Development

We follow a simple but extremely effective method when designing and developing products

Our approach is to first help you define and establish the key Personas that relate to your business.  Developing Customer empathy is a fundamental step as this guides key decisions along the research and development process.  We work alongside you to help create a clear and thorough Customer Journey map for these key personas.  We often find this step the most significant for businesses as it uncovers many pain points, opportunities for innovation and areas where internal efficiencies can be created. We believe this is a important first step for our customers before we embark on a CRM project. 


Gathering user feedback and designing and building in an iterative way takers good processes and discipline.  Our simple tools and frameworks are designed to support you through this process.  


This process can be applied across multiple industries and businesses as the principles are the generally same.

We work with Callaghan Innovation ( New Zealand's innovation agency.)  They activate innovation and help businesses grow faster for a better New Zealand, through a range of R&D services.  They offer a range of grants and funding support to eligible businesses.  We are experienced in working through the application process and have worked with customers to submit applications on their behalf.  Please contact us for more information on our services and whether you could be eligible  

Other product design and development services we offer

Company website design & development

if you want a sharp, clean, engaging website - and need it quickly for a competitive price,  contact us for a free consultation. 

We will work with you to get a simple but professional website you can be proud of into the market.  We will also provide training on how to manage it yourself so you don't have any ongoing costs or dependencies.

Customer Journey mapping workshops

A great place to start in any design and build project is to complete a Customer Journey Map.  We have training courses available to help you and your team learn the skills so you can repeat the process yourselves as you continue developing. 


They are 50% funded courses by the Regional Business Network and the timeframe can be customised to work around your business needs.