Training and Mentoring Courses

Our training courses are designed to provide practical key information that is relevant to the needs of your business. 


Effective delivery methods, bite sized content and clear learning outcomes enable you to the build knowledge and skills within your business.


We understand that many small businesses face the challenge of not having all the necessary range of skills and knowledge to be most successful.  Most are experts in a few key areas.  You have 3 options - 'Outsource', Recruit' or 'Develop the capabilities from within.  By understanding your needs we can help advise you on the best approach - case by case, need by need.


With experience in developing and delivering Corporate Training programmes along with being active Business Mentors for some fantastic and passionate small businesses, we work alongside our customers to match learning outcomes to the needs of their organisation. 

As we are a registered service provider with the RBPN, you may be eligible for 50% of the cost of theses courses to be funded for you

For information on whether you are entitled to some funding for our training courses please 

The following are our current available training courses.   

Business Strategy, Planning & Execution

How to develop a concise company strategy
Measurement systems (KPIs and Transparency)
Continuity Planning in CV19
Current State & Root Cause Analysis
Operational Planning methods

Product Design & Development

How to develop a Customer Journey Map
How to scope and document a new new software feature
How to design a new product - 101

Your Team

Health & Wellness in Corona times
Aligning your team
How to successfully recruit and onboard new staff
Decision making

Digital Marketing & SEO 

How to optimise your website for more traffic
How to get your business started in social media